Monday, March 13, 2006


it looks really quiet outside. minneapolis was just blanketed in a heavy coat of snow last night. i think a shock to everyone as we come to the end of such a mild winter. it makes everyone slow down on normally hurried mondays. that's a nice change especially after such a great weekend.

we went to duluth for my dad's wedding and stayed in the most beautiful bed and breakfast, drank jameson, kelsey, paul and myself and relaxed in the whirlpool as we listened to truth maze. my guess is, he's never been played on that c.d. player.

next day we did a lot of driving around duluth and went out to "the point". this beautiful spot that kind of looks like the end of the world. especially with the cold and silence. (pictures later tonight, probably) went to a local kind of bar and drank one dollar beers. drove back to minneapolis and made some delicious miso-veggie soup. soon to be posted on! as it's paul & my own creation. sunday night we watched ghostbusters and most of ghostbusters 2. crawled into bed at a reasonable hour and woke up to a different, snow covered, minneapolis.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


i've been working out like crazy lately. i love sweating. i feel cleaner when i sweat. hmmm... i also love going to the blaisdell ymca because there is a lot of diversity. i like working out with people from all over and all age ranges. it's sort of low budget, but representative of the community where it's located. i guess, that's pretty real of most y's though. i just love living in the city.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


spent time this weekend, with boyfriend, going to plainview and rochester. had delicious vegetarian dinner with the jeresek family on the farm, yum. then went to rochester. stopped by kathy's pub, smokey bars a bummer. got up super early on saturday after sleeping on uncomfortable bed. enjoyed lots of eating and drinking and cheesey relationshipy stuff not allowed to do at home for fear of annoying friends. wait, we probably already do that.


in the vacation needed post, i mentioned the leadership curriculum being named "men and women of purpose" and how i might need to debate that. well, it was later titled "people of purpose", without any suggestion from me.

jared and i have been playing phone tag for about 75 percent of our friendship. ha. one of the better things about this upcoming trip to san francisco is getting to see him and his girlfriend. i plan to eat lots of vegan food and kick it save-the-earth style. dude kicks ass.

Monday, February 13, 2006

trading my car in for a bicycle

driving boyfriend's car to the auto shop to talk to them about my car and boyfriend's car dies. unreliable. makes me want to crawl back into bed on this beautiful sunny day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

vacation needed!

- "leadership" curriculum. soon to be renamed "women and men with a purpose." i might need to debate this name with the students so as not to alienate transgender individuals.

- spent about two hours of my day yesterday tracking down students who offended the "leadership" group and had to write letters of apology. later, when i walked by they did that high school snickering thing. my blood started to boil.

- they put a national guard recruitment center at people serving people.

- went on a (very messy) home visit yesterday, started to sit down on the couch, the mom said, "DON'T SIT THERE! my son slept there last night and i haven't washed the cushions yet."

- it's cold outside.

-i need time to update my blog, freeze tofu, clean out my closet, tap dance, study up on flower essence and the benefits of coconut oil, stretch, find all of my pens, fix my sewing machine, organize my embroidery thread and have lots of sex.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

t-day with p

tentative menu plan for thursday: thankyou-to-indegenous-people-for letting-us-live-here-day!

french toast & fried egg


dessert: tba

snacks: tba

tempura vegetables with wasabi nayonnaise
vietnamese salad?

shopping list (tentative):
small milk (for french toast)
wasabi paste
lime (1)
soda water (1)
corn flour (hopefully we can buy in bulk at wedge, as we only need 1/4 cup)
other various veggies
possible shrimps/ crab

just for fun:

movies (lord of the rings?) (some sort of t.v. series?)

time for making out and various indoor activities.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


last night i went to see the movie the green bus vs. the white house. it was about the wellstone/ coleman campaign in 2002. this movie reminded me of how devastating it was to lose such a great leader and how proud i am of minnesota. it was part of the city pages documentary film festival.