Tuesday, May 31, 2005

some south minneapolis story

when i was a little kid i used to write and read a lot. i would read a whole bunch before i went to bed and sometimes i would write a story in my head before i went to bed. sometimes i would have to decide if i wanted to indulge in the book i was reading or if i wanted to go back to the story i was writing in my head. usually, the story would be short because after a little while i would just fall asleep... but, they were always pretty detailed and fascinating.
tonight, i think i'm going to write a story in my head. some south minneapolis story. hopefully it will be fascinating. hugs.


finish lots of dishes under the influence, try to make lots of noise while doing so. ha. bye.


oh, b.t.w., my cold is finally gone. yea!


quick rant:
people should not knock on the doors of people living in apartments. (unexpected neighbors, that is) to tell me that i'm being too noisy. leave notes. my mom always taught me to "give them a note".
first of all, i was not being noisy. second of all, it's after 11 pm, scared the shit out of me. i'm annoyed and not happy to feel guilty for being "noisy" first complaint in ten months of living here. eeeek. new neighbor, what happened to the nice ladies in love that lived there before? they were cool. anywho, i can tell this lady will be anal as hell. i plan to have really loud sex in my living room at some point, just to piss her off. ha. or maybe that's the gin talking. fun anyway. bye.


julie and i spend the night sending each other drunken e-mails. fun.


right now i'm struggling about what to do for the rest of my life. i want to set some goals, but i have no idea what those would even be at this point. i'm kind of overwhelmed, so much so that sometimes i find myself stuck and immobile... instead of doing anything about it, tonight, i am drinking a g&t and writing this. hmmm.. bye.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


i think i am in the final stage of this awful cold/virus thing i've got going on. i've been sneezing every couple of minutes for like the last hour. sneezing is much better then what i've been feeling the last two days. anyway...
today rick and i spent much of the day talking about family reunification and how to do that within the context of the program we work for. it was exciting. he also taught me some techniques for remaining objective when working with anybody. objective so as not to be self serving or projecting. rick is sort of an adlerian guru. not sure if i spelled that right. but, i learned a lot about the work that we are trying to do and my role in that. it was a fun and mentally stimulating day. bye.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


day four, absolutely NO cigarettes. yea!

Monday, May 16, 2005

conversation between two girls on nicotine withdrawl

today i had a phone conversation with julie while at work. i took notes at my desk so it looked like i was working. ha.
here are the notes:

-oh my god, i wanted to like puke on him and run

-the guy with the tapered pants?

-normal? when you find out send a link or an e-mail.. archive it.

-he nerds out, i stop listening.

-on water now.

-ready to chew off my hand.

(lots and lots of giggling)

time warp

i went with paul to his friend's cabin this weekend. i beat everyone at cricket (darts) and made great cookies. i also spilled a beer all over the floor (big surprise) and quit smoking. yea!
sunday night we went to lake nokomis for a picnic (at sunset- big time cheese factor). i think we were in some sort of a time warp, as we got two sundays.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

i went home yesterday, maybe for the last time. by the end of this month my home will be owned by someone else. i walked in and saw my mom, within minutes we were both crying. probably for different reasons.
pictures along the stairway, gone. my bedroom, empty but a bed and some boxes. my mom sleeps in there now, her bed is gone. everything gone. i slept on the t.v. room couch. i worked the garage sale as people came and salvaged years of furniture, books, dishes and other odds and ends.
our family feels dismantled. spread out, no real connections as a whole working unit. all of us isolated in our worlds full of work, school and lovers. no attachment to a home base.
my friend came by at the end, she brought her beautiful 3 month old daughter. a new life in a time of change. for sure a ray of sunlight in an otherwise dreary day.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


eagerly, i sent out a happy cinco de mayo e-mail to all of my friends and family this morning. responses thus far:

"i want a margarita"

"can you call me tonight. mom."

"margaritas as nightcaps later?"

happy ascension day!"

Monday, May 02, 2005


one time in portland julie and i had our palms read by this woman on the street. she told me i would have two children... since i feel years away from having babies, i'm wondering if my two children, she predicted, are sally & betty, my cats. they are kind of like children, they get really excited about bath time. tonight, they perched on the edge of the tub as i tried to put bubbles on their noses... sally climbed up on the edge and almost fell in. then when i got out of the tub, i realized that i left my towel in my bedroom and that my blinds were open in my bedroom. i pondered this for a minute and ran into my room, sliding across the floor, grasping for a towel. i threw myself on my bed and laid there for a few moments, feeling my heart beat through my warm body.
bath time is always a good time at my house.