Thursday, July 28, 2005


i really shouldn't be blogging while i'm at work, but i know everyone is guilty of this kind of thing at one time or another. my boyfriend is getting paid to boat on lake minnetonka on this beautiful day and hopefully he's drinking free summit. so, by his example i can justify blogging on the clock. ha.
moving tomorrow. can barely remember how things were when i moved into my place a year ago. i've moved around a lot over the last 7 years or so, it's kind of nice, it marks time. i like to say, oh when i lived at the 807 house, or the house on dupont, or the treehouse, my place over on chicago (two places on chicago now)... anyway, last year, i didn't think my life would be the way it is now. i kind of thought i'd be on my way to guatemala at this point. now, my sites are set to the north, but i do have c.d.'s to learn spanish in my car.
i'm glad i survived the year, the first half was crazy and difficult, then just as things started to mellow out, my year turned into something wonderful... i'm scared with these changes that wonderful might slip away... be careful, i tell myself, slowly...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

while we still can, i guess...

sweaty, hot and tired.

saw al gore speak about global warming.


make everyday a dance party.


Monday, July 11, 2005

argh. i want to smoke.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

vacation log

friday afternoon: basking in the sun on the small beach at lake nokomis. gin & tonics in fancy bottles and snack foods. discovered lifeguards there don't like fa-noodles.

friday evening: attended two outdoor gatherings, one porch, one backyard, both involving beer. julie & defined the term butt-rocker to ourselves.

saturday daytime: went to the farmers market with alissa. beautiful sunny day. bought lots of fresh food for sunday breakfast. love corn.

saturday evening: drove to fish lake in wisconsin to the fick family cabin. no lifeguards to yell at us about fa-noodles. almost died on a floaty trampoline. then stayed in the water. ate tasty pasta and sweet orange soda.

saturday night: arrived at zastera family cabin. drank home brew out of a keg-o-rator. the rest of the night is a bit blurry, lost at darts. fun time anyway. cuddled with boyfriend on the bottom of a bunk bed in creaky cabin spare room.

sunday day: hung over, power went out. enjoyed making makeshift breakfast with paul for everyone. went swimming in johnson lake, drifted in pontoon boat. quote from ditsy girl was: "i thought that bird had a really long white tail, then i realized it was just pooping."

sunday evening: ate not-dogs and watched excellent fireworks at connors lake from pontoon boat. drank too-much, was introduced to somebody as "bottle breaker's girlfriend."

monday day: enjoyed another delicious breakfast, more pontoon and hammock time. swam in johnson lake a second time. squirted people with fa-noodles. attempted to finish slingshot kinky crossword.

monday evening: returned to minneapolis for decidedly dangerous night time bike riding to stone arch bridge. talked to mayoral candidate while drinking g & t out of nalgene bottle. asked about condos. full of shit answer ensued. battled to get across stone arch bridge going against the masses. dodged fireworks at 10 second film festival. participated in cool virtual rally.

tuesday morning: woke up next to paul.

tuesday afternoon: basking in the sun at lake nokomis, big beach this time. sneaky drinks from beer. no attempts at fa-noodling. awesome pita sandwich. more swimming. annoying teenage girls. ate ice cream. met friends for beers and catch-up.

wednesday day: at work writing this. still in awesome vacation mode. life is rough.