Tuesday, November 22, 2005

t-day with p

tentative menu plan for thursday: thankyou-to-indegenous-people-for letting-us-live-here-day!


french toast & fried egg

salmon: http://www.coastangler.com/fishing/baked_salmon.shtml
biscuits?: http://www.hugs.org/Biscuits.shtml

dessert: tba

snacks: tba

tempura vegetables with wasabi nayonnaise
vietnamese salad?

shopping list (tentative):
small milk (for french toast)
wasabi paste
lime (1)
soda water (1)
corn flour (hopefully we can buy in bulk at wedge, as we only need 1/4 cup)
other various veggies
possible shrimps/ crab

just for fun:http://vegweb.com/recipes/quick/7881.shtml

movies (lord of the rings?) (some sort of t.v. series?)

time for making out and various indoor activities.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


last night i went to see the movie the green bus vs. the white house. it was about the wellstone/ coleman campaign in 2002. this movie reminded me of how devastating it was to lose such a great leader and how proud i am of minnesota. it was part of the city pages documentary film festival.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

kelsey is family.

saturday night we celebrated halloween and amelia's birthday. amelia, julie, jared, paul and myself all went to see bss at first avenue. getting there was quite the ordeal, with lots of preparation for the holiday night ahead, and then a decent show. some guy in front of me was shaking he was so excited. from behind him it looked like he was masturbating over the crowd. gross.

anyway, then a couple of dance parties. i got yelled at while trying to pee at the second one. "hurry up bitch". that was kind of lame, but whatever. the first party was in the basement of this apartment complex. there was a hidden, off limits keg. lots of dancing and great music. kelsey and paul had a dance-off. i felt quite torn but, kelsey is family.