Tuesday, January 24, 2006

vacation needed!

- "leadership" curriculum. soon to be renamed "women and men with a purpose." i might need to debate this name with the students so as not to alienate transgender individuals.

- spent about two hours of my day yesterday tracking down students who offended the "leadership" group and had to write letters of apology. later, when i walked by they did that high school snickering thing. my blood started to boil.

- they put a national guard recruitment center at people serving people.

- went on a (very messy) home visit yesterday, started to sit down on the couch, the mom said, "DON'T SIT THERE! my son slept there last night and i haven't washed the cushions yet."

- it's cold outside.

-i need time to update my blog, freeze tofu, clean out my closet, tap dance, study up on flower essence and the benefits of coconut oil, stretch, find all of my pens, fix my sewing machine, organize my embroidery thread and have lots of sex.