Tuesday, February 28, 2006


spent time this weekend, with boyfriend, going to plainview and rochester. had delicious vegetarian dinner with the jeresek family on the farm, yum. then went to rochester. stopped by kathy's pub, smokey bars a bummer. got up super early on saturday after sleeping on uncomfortable bed. enjoyed lots of eating and drinking and cheesey relationshipy stuff not allowed to do at home for fear of annoying friends. wait, we probably already do that.


in the vacation needed post, i mentioned the leadership curriculum being named "men and women of purpose" and how i might need to debate that. well, it was later titled "people of purpose", without any suggestion from me.

jared and i have been playing phone tag for about 75 percent of our friendship. ha. one of the better things about this upcoming trip to san francisco is getting to see him and his girlfriend. i plan to eat lots of vegan food and kick it save-the-earth style. dude kicks ass.

Monday, February 13, 2006

trading my car in for a bicycle

driving boyfriend's car to the auto shop to talk to them about my car and boyfriend's car dies. unreliable. makes me want to crawl back into bed on this beautiful sunny day.