Monday, March 13, 2006


it looks really quiet outside. minneapolis was just blanketed in a heavy coat of snow last night. i think a shock to everyone as we come to the end of such a mild winter. it makes everyone slow down on normally hurried mondays. that's a nice change especially after such a great weekend.

we went to duluth for my dad's wedding and stayed in the most beautiful bed and breakfast, drank jameson, kelsey, paul and myself and relaxed in the whirlpool as we listened to truth maze. my guess is, he's never been played on that c.d. player.

next day we did a lot of driving around duluth and went out to "the point". this beautiful spot that kind of looks like the end of the world. especially with the cold and silence. (pictures later tonight, probably) went to a local kind of bar and drank one dollar beers. drove back to minneapolis and made some delicious miso-veggie soup. soon to be posted on! as it's paul & my own creation. sunday night we watched ghostbusters and most of ghostbusters 2. crawled into bed at a reasonable hour and woke up to a different, snow covered, minneapolis.


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